• Monthly allowance to the old, widows and orphans
  • Education facilities in poor neighbourhoods
  • Medical camps
  • House-building and repairing programme
  • Grants to install or improve sanitation and safe water services
  • Interest free loans for urgent need or establishment of small businesses
  • Emergency relief
  • During the holy month of Ramadan, provision of iftar and basic education and essential food items to needy families
  • Skills based training programmes including sewing, computer, mobile phone repair and female washing and shrouding.
  • Self-employment generation programme (by distribution of CNG auto-rickshaws, rickshaws, rickshaw-vans, sewing machines)
  • Assisting street working children


  • Funds donated by way of zakat are segregated from general donations. A zakat committee ensures that zakat funds are utilised only in accordance with the rules of zakat.
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Zam Zam is a UK registered charitable trust, formed in April 2003 by a group of volunteers with one common aim - to help improve the lives of the less fortunate. The main objective of Zam Zam is to promote awareness, raise funds and mobilise effort to meet the essential needs of some of the world’s poorest people. It currently operates primarily in Bangladesh through its sister organisation Zam Zam Bangladesh - a non-political organisation and registered Non-Governmental Organisation.  

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Qurbani is compulsory for every Muslim who is of sound mind and possesses the nisab (zakat threshold)

Together we can improve the lives of the poorest ...
Latest News Bulletin

Assalamu Alaikum,

A dress distribution program is scheduled to be organized by Zam zam Charitable Trust for about 4000 poor and helpless School children at Abul Mal Abdul Muhith Sports Complex, Sylhet on 20th December 2015 at 9.00 am. We cordially invite you to attend and participate in the program. The cost of dress with lunch box is estimated at £5 (five) only per head. We hope your participation will make this program nice and meaningful.

The delivery of dress during this winter will also help protect them from cold. Participation in this kind of initiative will also be rewarded by Allah (SWT), inshallah.

Program brief:

  1. Dress distribution
  2. Education fair
  3. Wheel Chair & Sewing Machine distribution

Orphan-Widow Allowance Distribution




Moyeen Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury
Zamzam Charitable Trust

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