Providing essential primary education to children in slum areas

The slum areas in Bangladesh’s poorest regions are some of the most densely populated areas in the world, tightly-packed with multi-generational families living in inadequate shelter with poor sanitation facilities. Children living in these areas have no access to education. They grow up in extreme poverty, hardship, exposure to health risks and a general lack of safety and security.

Zam Zam currently runs over a hundred literacy centres in Sylhet, Bangladesh providing basic education to slum children in secure settings allowing these vulnerable children to learn in a safe environment while their parents are working during the day.

The main objectives of the education program are:

  • the provision of basic education to pre-school and primary aged children
  • to encourage families to take an interest in their childrens learning and raise awareness of the importance of education. Zam Zam has appointed 10 educational champions who are responsible for motivating parents into sending their children to the learning centres.
  • supervision to ensure the effectiveness of teaching in the learning centres
  • to empower children and give them a sense of belonging in the community. Zam Zam provides lessons in health and hygiene and provides pupils with school uniform and toiletries
  • prepare children for mainstream education

In 2020 almost 2000 slum children entered mainstream education after completing studies in one of Zam Zam’s literacy centres.

100% Donation Policy

Our operations are transparent and we have a 100% donation policy as all administrative costs are covered by the founding members of Zam Zam and through the claiming of Gift Aid.