Essential healthcare provision in deprived areas

Access to medical treatment is severely limited for large parts of Bangladesh’s population, especially those in more remote rural communities. Zam Zam runs a number of programs to bring essential healthcare provisions to deprived and disadvantaged communities.

Zam Zam has been working in association with Palli Karma Shahayak Foundation ( to provide primary health care services to slum children. The main objectives of this project are to:

– provide free health check ups and supply essential medicines and vitamins through 4 fortnightly mobile medical camps
– promote and raise awareness of the importance of good hygiene in the slum community
– provide health counseling for the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of children including assessing for signs of sexual abuse in children. Currently Zam Zam employs 8 health care workers who provide counselling to approximately 4822 families across 350 slums.
– provide health care through qualified and experienced medical practitioners and health visitors
allow access to families to a health visitor who makes regular visits to their home to address any health care needs
– provide health care and advice to young girls and pregnant women. Zam Zam’s care to expectant mothers during pregnancy means that more women are now able to safely deliver their children.   
– provide diabetic and blood pressure advice and medicine
– provide a designated project co-ordinator to oversee all areas of this programme and ensure efficiency in services provided

Zam Zam has also set up four medical centres in remote areas in the Syhlet district. Doctors attend the medical centres once a week and see around 30 patients a day at each centre. Patients are given medicines free of cost. Patients with more serious health conditions are referred to hospital and Zam Zam may financially assist these patients who require further hospital treatment.

100% Donation Policy

Our operations are transparent and we have a 100% donation policy as all administrative costs are covered by the founding members of Zam Zam and reclaiming of Gift Aid.